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All about CONTI Laserline

Eco-Friendly Package Printing in Asia.

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PHOENIX Xtra Print Polska Expands Engraving Service.

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Flexograhic Printing on YouTube.

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100% digital: new CONTI Laserline flexographic printing plate!

Flexographic printing forms made of rubber are for many applications the ideal solution and make for excellent printing quality. These advantages are now also available in “Made in Germany” quality and with know-how from ContiTech.

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Innovative products for every application

We can service the needs of a broad market with our four flexographic printing forms – CONTI Laserline CSX and CSC and CONTI Laserline CCX for direct printing on corrugated board and the CONTI Laserline CSL coating plate.

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Flexographic printing forms – made by ContiTech.

A leading manufacturer and supplier of printing blankets, ContiTech has expanded its offer – and now offers individual solutions in the flexographic areas as well.

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