CONTI Laserline

Dedicated to the printing industry

CONTI Laserline Sleeve Technology

Solvent free – made by ContiTech.

Universal Sleeve Technology, suitable for water- or solvent-based and UV/EB curing ink systems.

  • Overall dimensional stability
  • Integrated compressible layer
  • Reduced press chatter
  • High-resolution engraving
  • Consistent print
  • No swelling*
  • Long lifetime / less abrasion
  • Improved ink laydown
  • Conductive, following ATEX
* suitable for water-, alcohol-based inks as well as UV curing ink systems
Technical Data
Printing surface (Solvent-free)
Color: EPDM / black**
Surface:fineground **
Roughness RZ (DIN 4768):4,0 - 5,0 μm***
Roughness RA (DIN 4768):0,5 μm***
Surface hardness (DIN 53505):65° Shore A**
CompressibilityWith 135 N/cm2= 0,15 mm (CSC type)
Carrier GFK (Glasfiber)
Gesamtaufbau / Wändstärke: Classic: 3,125 mm, Variable: 4,72 mm **
Conductivity (ATEX): yes
Type: CSX (plain), CSC (compressible layer)

** other qualities, colors, hardnesses, intermediate sizes possible
*** or to spec