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The new CONTI Laserline flexographic printing plate!

Flexographic printing forms made of rubber are for many applications the ideal solution and make for excellent printing quality. These advantages are now also available in “Made in Germany” quality and with know-how from ContiTech.

There are obvious advantages for flexographic printing with the kind of direct engraving that is at the core of the CONTI Laserline range of products. Direct engraving achieves this by lasering out as relief any elements or surfaces not to be printed. Water is then all that is needed for the process of washing away the ash residue. This benefits the natural environment, because the process involves no ecologically harmful solvents at all. Our customers can thus cut costs and pride themselves on using eco-friendly, sustainable processes.

With their many advantages, the directly engraved flexographic printing forms mark a real revolution in printing technology. Flexographic products make the very most of the know-how available: In our state-of-the-art plant in Northeim, Germany, flexographic printing forms are produced with innovative calendering systems previously used only in the manufacture of printing blankets for offset. For one thing, these flexographic products get by without any solvents. What is more, they satisfy the most stringent quality demands.

Unlike conventional photopolymer printing forms on the market, flexographic printing forms contain a compressible layer. This renders superfluous any expensive foam adhesive tapes. It is also possible to completely dispense with harmful solvents. The printing forms are, moreover, manufactured as rolled goods and can be cut to the size required for the application. Not only does this make for individual solutions tailored to the needs of the respective customers. It also helps them drastically cut costs.

Image 1: The compressible layer on the printing forms evens out irregularities in the substrate. This makes for optimum printing quality.

In manufacturing flexographic printing forms, CONTI Laserline profits from the wide-ranging competence and synergies of a broadly based company like ours. This applies in particular to the corporation’s strengths in the areas of research and material development and testing technology. A leading manufacturer and supplier of printing blankets, we bring along the production expertise as well. Our customers profit from printing quality that is not only tops in its field but eco-friendly as well. That’s a chunk of the future, made in Germany.