CONTI Laserline

Dedicated to the printing industry

CONTI Laserline CSX blue

Flexographic printing forms – made by ContiTech.

An extremely versatile printing plate for use on soft plate carriers. Suitable for water- or solvent-based and UV/EB curing ink systems.

  • Roll material or formats
  • Overall dimensional stability
  • High-resolution engraving with CO2 Laser
  • Consistent print
  • Less plate swelling
  • Long lifetime
  • Improved ink laydown
  • On demand: already punched
  • Perfect compatible for inline printing units
Technical Data
Printing surface (Solvent-free): EPDM
Roughness RZ:< 8,0 μm
Surface hardness:55° Shore A
Carrier: Calibrated foil, Thickness: 0.19 mm
Nominal thickness: 1.70 mm(1)
max. Gravurtiefe: (1)1.15 mm