CONTI Laserline

Dedicated to the printing industry

CONTI Laserline CML Seculas

Flexographic printing forms – made by ContiTech.

Developed for security printing market.

CML Seculas was developed for security printing market to fit the high demands of the various applications in this segment. The printing form is structured with a laser (DLE) without the need of light exposure or solvents. This process allows for unseen precision within the printing elements. Even smallest details can be imaged with very high detail.

  • High-resolution engraving (10 micron elements)
  • 3D structures and sub surface elements are possible
  • Overall dimensional stability
  • Very little height tolerances (+/-15 ųm)
  • Consistent print
  • No swelling
  • Long lifetime / less abrasion
  • Improved ink laydown
Guiding Value
Cover Coating: NBR or EPDM
Color: Black (other colors possible)
Surface Finish: Fineground (or to spec.)
Hardness of cover compound (Nominal Shore A): 65 DIN ISO 48-4*/**
Carrier: Steel sheet
Product options (Nominal Thickness): up to 4 mm

* Performed in accordance with the given standard. Please note that the number of samples tested may differ.
** The specified hardness of the cover compound can only be measured using test samples according to the standard. It is not possible to measure the hardness directly on the product itself.

CONTI Laserline CML Seculas